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Unclogging and Drain Cleaning Services for Orlando Homes

Drain Cleaning & Video Inspection Services in Orlando, FL | Fahrenheit Plumbing - drainrOrlando is no stranger to plumbing problems, which is why homeowners all across the area enlist the services of Fahrenheit Plumbing when they experience issues such as clogged drains.

We know how important it is for your drains to work smoothly, and we have seen firsthand the havoc that a clogged drain can wreak on a home. That’s why our professional plumbers are prepared to quickly and efficiently unclog your drains to prevent any serious damage to your home and possessions.

Drainage problems, such as clogging, can be very frustrating and hard to handle. If a specific issue is beyond your control and can’t be corrected by an over-the-counter drain cleaner, then it may be time to contact a plumbing contractor who has the skills to provide all the services needed to unclog your drain. From leak detection to drain cleaning, the trusted plumbing professionals at Fahrenheit Plumbing are prepared to cater to all of your plumbing and drainage needs.

If your drains are clogged and not working as they should, call us today to speak with a plumbing professional who can provide you with a quote.

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Realizing the Importance of Drain Cleaning Services in Orlando

We always take care of minute things in our house. However, we at times, tend to become lenient and easy-going for cleaning of the drains that require to be purified on a regular basis so that they do not give a shelter to various microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, germs, fungus and mildew. If this situation arises, it can prove to be extremely hazardous and perilous for your family and near ones and you would definitely not want to have a soft heart over the cleaning of the drains in Orlando. Read More...

Orlando Plumbing Inspection Services

You maintain your car with regular oil changes and tune-ups, so shouldn’t you do the same for your plumbing equipment?

Many emergency plumbing situations can be avoided by performing annual maintenance. Not only can regular maintenance help you save on repair costs, but it can also help to lower your utility bills and give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Regular Plumbing Inspection:

  • Exposed plumbing system - We will visually inspect your plumbing to ensure total safety and functionality. We can recommend improvements that will save you money and maximize the efficiency of your system.
  • Water heater - We will inspect the emergency water shut-off mechanism, drain valve, thermostat, gas/electric connections, temperature, pressure relief valve, temperature setting, gas thermocouple, emergency gas shut-off, flue pipe, and the draft to ensure your water heater is running like it should.
  • Water service - We will thoroughly check your water pressure regulator. High pressure can damage a water heater or cause a pipe to burst in your plumbing system, so we will carefully check to make sure your water pressure stays constant.
  • Sinks, faucets, tub, shower, dishwasher, disposal, toilet - We will check for leaks while examining the aerators, handles, mounting seal, drain flow, trap/tubing, water supplies, water shut-offs, pop-up operation, strainer, disposal, and dishwasher hose. A toilet test includes flush testing, seat inspection, bolt cap testing, base movement, supply line, and an emergency water shut-off test.
  • Water softener - We will test for hardness and emergency water shut-off operation.
  • Washing machine - Worn washing machine hoses could burst, resulting in flooding and expensive water damage, so we will check your emergency water shut-off, drain, and hoses.

Video Camera Plumbing Inspections

Drain Cleaning & Video Inspection Services in Orlando, FL | Fahrenheit Plumbing - videoWhen you think about it, the degree to which plumbing technology has advanced in the last fifty years is quite amazing. Years ago, if a homeowner had a clogged or broken sewer drain, he had few options to fix it that weren't time-consuming and expensive. In those days, the only true solution was to dig up the pipe by hand to diagnose the problem. In most instances, the reason for a clogged drain was a total mystery unless you picked up a shovel and started digging.

Today, however, things have changed in a big way. Thanks to modern technology like fiber optics and closed circuit video cameras, our plumbers can now use a camera to see exactly what's going on inside of your pipes without doing any digging at all.

By simply running a flexible, waterproof drain camera line into your clogged sewer line, we can see in vivid color what the problem is and where it needs attention. This means that it takes less time and effort, and cost less money, to fix your plumbing problems.

A video recording of the inspection, along with a detailed assessment report, can show the specific locations of any blockages, root intrusions, improperly fitted pipe work, or collapses in plumbing pipes. This allows our team of expert plumbers to quickly repair your sewer problems.

Eliminate the guesswork in your plumbing problem, and contact Fahrenheit Plumbing today for a professional video plumbing inspection that can help you know what is really going on inside of your plumbing and sewer pipe systems.

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